Excerpt from:  National Association of REALTORS 2017 Profile of Home Staging

77% of buyer's agents responded that staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home

Professional stagers help YOU meet your goals!

As an agent, you are familiar with setting targets and measuring your success based on the following metrics:  Sales $, Speed of Sales, Reputation/Reviews, Closing Rates, and Online Presence/Marketing.  Professional stagers provide services that will attract top dollar and reduce the amount of time on the market which leads to satisfied customers and higher closing rates.  Also, by marketing our services, we market your properties, thereby, increasing your online presence.  Together, we can achieve your goals!

According to the 2018 National Association of REALTORS Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 50% of buyers found the home they purchased online!  This statistic alone underscores the importance of using photos of professionally staged homes to digitally connect with buyers!

Why Partner with an HSR Certified Professional Stager?

If you succeed, we succeed!  Our focus is on making you look great!  Benefits of partnering with us include...

  • Collaboration!  We understand each others' goals and work together to achieve them.
  • Expertise!  We study the market and design trends to understand what emotionally connects buyers to homes both digitally and in person.  Our 8-step approach to staging has been proven to work and is simple for all to implement.  This is our full-time job, unlike you, who is in the business of marketing and selling homes.
  • Certified & Accredited!  Certification through an accredited institution fosters credibility and ensures we meet the standards and quality you want representing your brand.  
  • Competitive Advantage!  Agents who partner with professionals dedicated to helping sellers sell their homes for top dollar and faster will develop reputations for being customer-focused and will put themselves ahead of those that don't!
  • Objective 3rd Party!  We can address sensitive topics with your client that you may be reluctant to do so.  We also offer a buyer's view of the home and remove emotion from the equation.  
  • Detailed Staging Report!  We offer professional action plans that leave no mistaking what should be done to get top dollar for the home.   
  • Free Marketing!  When we market our transformations, we are also marketing your properties and services.   
  • Education!  Since not all sellers understand the value of staging, we provide you easy-to-understand statistics and materials that can be used to educate them on the benefits.
  • Partner Pricing!  If you choose to offer staging as a free service to your clients, we provide volume, discount pricing.  


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